We work with courthouses to ensure that individual privacy is protected in the courtroom. 



Yondr provides the security solution to issues posed by cell phones in the courthouse.


“A functional, simple solution that eliminates the need to collect and store phones of all those entering the courthouse.”
— Marsha Neifield, President Judge, 1st Judicial District of Pennsylvania
“The immediate benefit has been that the courts are not liable for any confiscated phones, and the jurors are still able to keep possession of their phones. We could not be more pleased with the product, and we look forward to reporting additional benefits with increased use by the courts.”
— Lori Ann Bodino, Court Administrator, Dallas County District
“It’s always been an issue for us to take cellphones from the public because there’s nowhere to store them, and we’re responsible for them if they get damaged or misplaced. Yondr eliminates that.”
— Sheriff John Loomis, Erie County Sheriff's Office